Ngaire Ave 2018

Yikes - its February already! All our various ministries are getting under way for the year and to complement the Church staff team this year - Jasmine and myself - we welcome Mitchell to our team who has taken up the role of Assistant Pastor (Part time). His primary focus will be with the youth but will also spill over to include pastoral ministry in general.

I want to take this opportunity also to commend to you those that we support who are working with others both within NZ and beyond; Bruce and Marie Smith (Lakes Ranch, Rotorua), Akira and Kikuko Doi (ISM), and Chisa Yamakawa (ISM). Church is all about putting God first and from that reaching out to others. Check out more about what we do in the "Join Us"  page.

I'm excited to recommence our series through the Gospel of John this year. We managed to get half way through the book last year and the second half of the book just covers the last week of our Lord's life leading up to and including his death and resurrection. This series will  conveniently take us up to Easter this year. Come along and see or hear one of the recorded messages on the "Sermons"  page.


Grace and Peace