Ever since our first visit to Ngaire Ave Bible Church over three years ago, I started thinking about this place as being a meeting point for people from different nations coming together to worship God. I remember thinking about the future heavenly scenes portrayed for us in the book of Revelation describing a gathering of people from every tribe, race and language worshiping God together. And then as well as this, to link these scenes with the words of the psalmist with such psalms as Psalm 96:3, "Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples." Well, this got me going! Before my first six months was up as pastor, I was promoting, with the Elders blessing, a vision statement that said, "We are a family of God's people from many nations together declaring the glory of God". Now, over time, not everyone has bought into that vision and that's okay, vision statements are not everyone's cup of tea, but whatever your view may be of it, the fact is that we are starting to see this vision become a reality and we thank God for it. 

A family of God's people: We may not become a mega church and that's fine, but we can offer what many large churches cannot;  and that is a family type environment where people can feel loved, accepted, and cared for in order to become their best for God.

From many nations: Such a gathering would reflect our inner city communities and our growing relationship with the Auckland Christian Japanese Church has been a tremendous blessing that we do not take for granted. We look forward to an even closer relationship with the Japanese Church and other ethnic groups starting to attend our church - we welcome you!

Together declaring the glory of God: This is the X factor. This makes us a unique gathering of people; to be able to see a deep sense of unity within obvious diversity. God is the central drawing point. He draws us all together and that magnetic pull draws us to Jesus. All that we do is to be for the glory of God; and the unity we demonstrate, the praise we declare and the gospel we proclaim are to point people to him.